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52Frames 2021 - Week 50: Black & White Minimalism

"Hello In There!"

Hello shy one! Hello in there! Are you ready to come out and play? What's that, you're still sick? That's so sad. Maybe this spring you'll be ready for the road and we'll have fun, fun, fun until someone takes the car keys away!

This is my great-grandmother's 1950 Dodge Coronet that I took possession of 3 years ago. She's needed some work, actually a lot more work than we thought, but we're getting MUCH closer to being done rebuilding the engine. Matter of fact all the pistons have been on my dining room table the last week, but that's a good thing. I hope to drive her in the spring and summer parades in 2022.

This was my first idea for the week and I like how it turned out. I did come up with one other idea and took a quick pic, but this one won between the two.

The one and only other photo of the week:

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