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52Frames 2021 - Week 44: Shot With a Phone

“ The Calm High Low Tide After the Flood ”

From Thursday night through Sunday we had significant flooding. Despite it not being a named storm the winds from the south, the rain, and normal higher tides came together for the creek, river, and Bay to come up and over many of the finger piers, piers, bulkheads, and even into homes. Living on a creek and around a marina we all worried about our homes, boats, and safety - it's a time when the community really comes together to check on everything especially property of an owner who isn't here to watch out for their own. After the storm passed through and the waters started to recede this was Saturday night's creek surface - pretty much as calm as possible but still at a normal high tide level despite it being low tide. Where I am standing was under water the night before.

Other photos from this week:

Quite a few blurry photos of my new doggy! Plus some of her nemesis - the squirrels!

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