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52Frames 2021 - Week 40: Dreamscape (extra credit - Nightmare)

“Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, an Ode to week 104”

My 104th consecutive week and I was really looking forward to this challenge, but as usual I procrastinated, over-thought, and reworked my ideas! Anyone else look forward to things and then completely shutdown when it's time? Sometimes you concentrate on the failures of the past or just keeping everything from falling down behind you, so much so that you fall just short of the end goal. This is what I like to refer to as a fear of failure (keeping everything up), but it also keeps you from succeeding, so you have to evaluate whether you are sabotaging yourself with a fear of success. So what dominoes can you allow to fall and not distract you from the successful end goal? Can you overlook the imperfections or cracks in the daily work to get there? Or will you allow the nightmarish cycle to continue? This time I made it - 104 consecutive weeks of 52Frames challenges!

Ok - some other backgrounds and the original 3 photos with the limited resources and space I had. LOL

Some other photos that I took just in case I couldn't pull off the compilation:

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