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52Frames 2021 - Week 38: Curves

"Natural Curves"

I took photos throughout the week and there were several I wanted to submit and didn't, but there was some wailing and gnashing of teeth trying to decide. Even the 4 people I rely on to break the tie in my head all had a different favorite. Finally today (Sunday) they all "liked" my last photo which I am submitting. Now mind you - it's still no ones favorite but they all thought it was in the top 2 or 3 of my photos this week, so I ran with it. I thought about trimming off the dead leaves but when I saw the photo and how they curved the opposite direction of the new and healthy growth I liked the contrast. I just repotted the plant and it's struggling a bit so I hope it makes it. I put it in my new popup light box to test the box and lights, and overall it worked.

The other photos from the week... Which is your favorite?

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