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52Frames 2021 - Week 32: Line from a song

“Who let the dogs out?”

I used the random generator & got a much easier song line this year than last. So I thought about doing the real meaning of the song, but couldn't find willing models. Then I thought about stinky feet coming out of shoes, but after the laughter died down and considering I had a house full of family visiting this week I went for the easy shot - my dog. This is Reagan, he's been in some other photos, but he didn't mind posing again. We took him out on the boat this week which is one of his favorite "out"ings. Just look at that happy face in the sunshine with the beautiful blue water around. Since the line says "dogs" I decided I needed to duplicate Reagan and honestly I love the illusion of two smiling happy dogs on the water. I would totally take a second Reagan in my life.

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