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52Frames 2021- Week 31: Wide Aperture

We may be partners because we're married, but we're also each others biggest rivals. We have contests in how fast we swim our daily half mile, shoot at the range, chess, Scrabble, and air hockey! About a year and a half ago - right before COVID - we picked up a used air hockey table at a local auction. It cost us a 'whopping' $40 for this 7 foot table that takes up a good third of the guest bedroom for the grandkids. Yet it is so worth the real estate that it occupies. Not only do we have some great games against each other, but we've had some pretty good tournaments with friends and family. If you hear a lot of yelling and laughing, it's a good bet we're playing a game. (For the record, I'm currently on a 4 game winning streak! Not that I'm keeping score or anything. LOL)

Here are some other photos from the week:

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