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52Frames 2021 - Week 29: Product Photography

“ Antique Calligraphy/Pen Nibs ”

I actually do a lot of photography for my clients, but this week stumped me. I didn't want to show any favoritism by promoting one over others in the challenge. I also did not have my lightbox with me, so this week's photo required more clean up than it would have had I had it. What I did have is an antique store display full of Speedball nibs & so I used it. My thought process was thinking about a magazine ad & something clever to say that might stick with the reader the next time they were at the store buying pens/nibs. So the "exclamation point" is one photo & then I added the text to the left. The wording is my own - if it was ever used by Speedball in the past, I am unaware of it. I was just trying to create something different with what I had available for this week's challenge.

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