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52Frames 2021 - Week 28: Transportation

“ Double the Pleasure ”

This wasn't my planned photo at all this week, but in the 7 years I have been on the Eastern Shore for summers - this was the first time that both paddle boats came down the creek at the same time. I couldn't resist. I still get so excited when I see the drawbridge go up and I hear the paddle boats slowly coming down the creek. I'm like a child being handed a present to unwrap. I take a photo every single time I see them. So Saturday it was double the pleasure with both coming along. What is even better is both were pretty full (that's a first since COVID started.) There's something romantic about paddle boats - it's more than a nostalgic feeling, it's deep. I can almost hear a player piano and see the long dresses and women with parasols. A paddle boat is a daydream ride on the river.

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