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52Frames 2021 - Week 27: Black and White

"Let's Talk"

A simple early morning selfie as I took to the radio airwaves on Friday morning. I'm not normally a talk radio host, but lately I've been filling in when needed at a local station. I'm also not normally a morning person, but I'm making it work. Three hours goes fast behind the microphone between all the weather and traffic updates, advertising, news, and phone calls from listeners - it's usually quite fun. Well except for the time when the power went out! Taking a selfie in the studio is actually quite complicated because the lighting is horrible, but I got lucky on Friday.

I had a hard time choosing which photo to submit this week and all my friends seemed split on the choices too. My other options are below so tell me which you prefer.

#blackandwhite #monochrome #NDBHPhotography #NicoleBeusHarris #selfie #WCBM680 #RadioHost #TalkRadio

My original entry for the week - Ospreys on Guard

Oh my osprey family had quite the day today. I noticed around 10am that only one adult was in the nest with the 2 littles & the nest was under attack by small birds dive bombing them. The adult osprey was flapping & trying to knock the small birds away while protecting the young. I felt so helpless to watch this & in 3 years of the nest being outside on the dock I have never seen it under attack before. The one adult protected the nest for 5 hours by itself with very little time to rest, maybe 5 minutes here or there. Finally the second adult came home & they went through another hour or so & then the smaller birds just left. I really don't know why & what was going on today. Photo on Tuesday, submitted in case I get too busy w/the rest of the week for more pics. Used spotting scope to zoom.

#blackandwhite #monochrome #NaturePhotography #Ospreys #ChesapeakeBayOspreys #CambridgeMaryland #OspreyNest #NDBHPhotography #NicoleBeusHarris

Other photos I considered this week (it was a hard choice for final submission.)

Yes - another big storm rolled through, but should I have entered 2 black and white storm photos back to back?

I'm obsessed with this boat. If it ever goes up for sale - I'm buying it.

This was in honor of our 4th wedding anniversary which happened during the week.

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