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52Frames 2021 - Week 26: Just Breathe

"Just Breathe... just breathe... JUST BREATHE!"

I have had lightning hit an object I was holding causing the energy to surge through my body. Another time it hit a building I was leaning against throwing me 15 ft. Then last year it hit my condo building causing an evacuation - so the anxiety of a thunderstorm is real. In my attempt to break the fear, I have tried to photograph the storms. Immersing myself in them was working (while repeating "just breathe" while photographing) until it hit my building last summer. So I've told myself I will step outside & photograph storms once again this year. It just so happened the first big storm rolled in while at my condo this week. Not a true bolt of lightning in this pic, but it has the start of 2 bolts. BW gave it more character I thought. Lightning - the constant reminder to JUST BREATHE.

Other photo options this week:

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