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52Frames 2021 - Week 22: Wide Angle

So this week I originally submitted this photo, but for the first time ever - I changed my submission. Scroll down to see the final submission and then an additional option I contemplated submitting. Why was this week so hard? I don't know.

“ Favorite Tree ”

This is my favorite tree in my yard and I think the wide angle looking up the trunk shows off the wide canopy it provides my walkway to the porch. It really isn't too tall and it's sprawled out like an umbrella under taller trees to the south, but it gets my heart. I love how this view shows the trees "crown shyness" with just a little sky peeking through. The moss growing on the trunk is an extra delight, as is the deeper texture of the bark in this tree. The green back-lit with the sun just grabbed my eye even more. I feel cool under this tree even on a 90 degree day.

“ The Road that Resonates ”

For the first time ever I submitted a photo early & then Sunday I changed my photo. Why? Because this image that I took Sunday resonated with so many people when I posted it on Facebook. I get that because I literally backed up on the road, got out of my car & took this photo. I didn't plan it, it was just there. This tree lined "road" resonated with me, it said I needed to capture it. Isn't that how life also works? So often our path is right in front of us & it calls us. I see this as a metaphor in so many ways whether it be God puts a path at our feet, or a career is laid out, perhaps a relationship, etc. While this path is straight & flat, the trees are tall & could be menacing depending on weather, time, or season. Maybe this is why it spoke to so many because the story is universal.


This was my third option for this week's submission. Hadn't thought of a story to go with it other than it was a 10 minute break in a horribly gray 3 day period - just enough sunshine to brighten the mood.

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