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52Frames 2021 - Week 20: Red

"Red Juggle"

I've been told I look good in red, but it used to be "too bold" for me and I rarely wore it. Now I have more red than any other color, other than black. I often feel like I'm juggling red for a number of reasons, so my idea on Monday was to set up a flat lay "juggle" shot. It took until Sunday to do it. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out (would have moved cardinal if I had to do it again) and it was hard to decide which photo to use, the only difference was my facial expression and head position. Not sure my hips, wrists, or neck will recover from this.

Items - Left to right: my work bag, my bold red glasses used mainly for drama, black, white, and red dress I wore on 1st date with my husband, my son's High School mascot - the Cardinals, dress worn on first public appearance with my husband - a gubernatorial gala, a wedding rose (similar not exact), & my everyday purse. Don't forget one of my pairs of red shoes - I'll wear them just for color many days if the rest of my outfit is black, white, or navy.

Camera on the ceiling, remote shutter in left hand.

Other photos:

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