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52Frames 2021 - Week 19: ISO 100

“Pull Me In”

For those of us who wrote research papers in school before the Internet - this was a common sight. The good old card catalog!

My school library's catalog wasn't very big, the city library's was bigger - this one at an antique store in Virginia is HUGE!

I saw this originally 2 years ago when we first discovered the store & they just haven't sold it. It is at least 6.5 feet tall & 10 feet long & I am not sure how they would even be able to move it out of the shop with all the other stuff around it. And yet I love it & would love to have a room big enough to display it. What I love about this photo that I captured (& it isn't perfect but with the lighting & ISO challenge I had to take the photo over my head) is that the lines of the drawers draw you in - much like reading & researching does.

Other photos I thought about submitting this week:

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