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52Frames 2021 - Week 16: Edited by Someone Else

“ Opening a World of Imagination ”

Little Free Library: Opening a World of Imagination (Edited by Marco Ciavolino)

I'm kind of obsessed with Little Free Libraries. I stop almost every time I see one & peruse the books inside. If I can't stop & look, I try hard to at least take a photo & post it on social media with the location especially if they are in my home district.

I found this Little Free Library for the first time on Saturday & sent the image to Marco who then made the edits. I think it does a good job of capturing what's inside & even if it's not a children's book - most books open up the reader's imagination. Good books make us feel like a little kid again completely engaged in capturing the next detail, the next emotion, etc.

The LFL, grass, road, & field with trees are all original. Girl & imagination imagery added.

To see other photos by Marco check out his website:

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