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52Frames 2021 - Week 15: Trapped

“A Metaphor for Life”

We're all stuck in this life, on a planet that's spinning. While we may not feel the daily physical spin, we do all have periods of life where we feel we are spinning out of control or someone is spinning us around - right? Much like this Bingo ball cage, we get tossed & tumbled through our life & at some point we are chosen to move on & removed from the trap of this physical life on Earth. This was my 11th hour photo. I actually took my first choice on Monday, but due to glare & reflections it just wouldn't work out no matter how I tried to take the photo. It was a play on words at the "Coffee Trappe" in Trappe, MD. The Bingo spinner works though because the balls are all trapped in the little cage & it really is a good metaphor for life. IMO Manual, timer, tripod used

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