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52Frames 2022 - Week 42: Black & White Minimalism

“ Peek-A-Boo! ”

"Hi mom! Glad you're here to pick me up, but can I play with my friends some more? Pretty please!" My rescue dog, Fiona always protests going to get her hair cut, but then she acts like this when I go to pick her up. She will bounce up and peek around the corner to acknowledge me and then quickly goes back to playing with all her friends. She's seriously like a little kid. I was going to do something completely different this week, but this photo really got me with all the feelings and since Sunday is one-year since adopting Fiona from the rescue, I felt it was appropriate to share. I think it's funny that converting this to black and white makes her look more Photoshopped than in color, but this is exactly as she pops up and looks around the corner at me.

No other photos were taken for this week's challenge.

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