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52Frames 2021 - Week 11: Color Relationship

“ The Harris Shoe-''doscope ”

Under normal circumstances for "color" week I would have done a complementary or split complementary composition, because that's my normal fallback. The extra credit changed this. With the last name Harris, wasn't it mandatory that I learned what the effect was and applied it to my photo? I thought so. This week's photo is actually a composition of 8 photos of my shoes. I used to be a very simple black, navy, or brown shoe person and then I decided that sometimes the only place I want some color is the unexpected - my shoes! So here's my photo tribute to a variety of color - to my "relationship" with colors for my shoes. Thanks for the extra credit challenge and here's to learning something new - even if I didn't do it perfectly. Hope you enjoy my kaleidoscope.

Some other photos from this week's experiment with the Harris Shutter Effect...

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