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52Frames - Week 14: Curves

“ I spy... an eye, an S, a dragon, or... ”

Walking across my yard I happened upon this tree root which I've never noted before. The beauty of the curves, the colors, the holes, and the other organic material grabbed my attention this time. I spy an eye at the top of the S curve, is it a dragon or a tadpole "stuck" in the wood. Looking at this root reminded me of watching the clouds go by as a child and describing what each cloud would look like and how they would change. So what do you see in my little root?


During week 3 of social isolation I got outside for as many photos as possible. Some are in the gallery below.

Here's your reminder to always look to the beauty around you. If you can't find any beauty, then reach out to a friend - there is always someone that can help you. We may all be isolated right now - but we do not need to be alone!

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