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52Frames 2023 - Week 4: Portrait of a Stranger

“ A Day's Catch ”

Like many in this group, I'm an introvert with social anxiety, so when I don't have a common reason to talk to a stranger (convention, work) then I hate asking for a "favor". That said, I put the challenge out of my mind for the entire week since I was way busy with work, health, & school, and finally on Sunday afternoon- I made an ask. I was driving by the dock and saw two fishermen sitting on their boat taking the white perch out of their nets. They were extremely nice and said sure, take whatever photos I wanted. I did not get on the boat but sat on the dock to get as low as I could & leaned into the boat a little bit. I played with keeping a little color, but still keeping it majority black and white since I've made that a personal challenge this year. Check out the original and alternates down below. Let me know which ones you like the most.

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