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52Frames 2022 - Week 7: Unexplored

“ Left or Right? ”

I went for a Sunday drive (yes, I procrastinated this week) and told myself I would only take unknown roads. I told myself to only go down a road once (unless it ended up being a dead end) so I had to be observant on the first and only pass. This abandoned building was at a fork in the scenic byway. I didn't see a sign saying what it was in the past, but the windows were boarded up. It could have been a church or a school because it resembles the architecture of other historic ones. I loved how it sat in the middle of the two roads and gave me no indication what I might find in either direction. It was a day of exploring previously unexplored roads. For the record, I went to the right because the curve ahead enticed me more and I found a bunch of Harriet Tubman historic markers.

Other photos from the drive:

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