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52Frames 2022 - Week 40: Rule of Odds

“ Warthog ”

You're looking at the business end of an A10 aka Warthog. This aircraft has been in the news many times over the last decade because some people see it as a waste of money for our military while many ground troops have thanked a Warthog for saving their life. These may be a slower plane than most, but their low & slow approach combined with these 7 chambers usually make the enemy run away. So I am thankful that we still have the A10s flying & I'm thankful to see the pilots & ground crew at our annual air show every year, which happened to be October 8th this year. Now what I should have asked the pilots & crew yesterday is "why are there 7 chambers & not 3 or 6 or 8?" Anyone know?

#ruleofodds #A10aircraft #warthog #A10 #MarylandNationalGuard #Military #NicoleBeusHarris #NDBHphotography Some other awesome "odd", but not fully focused pics on posted below...

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