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52Frames 2021 - Week 42: Low Key

"It's All in the Hand"

Last year I did a last minute photo for "Low Key" and I didn't challenge myself really. This year I decided to work on something everyday and do a variety of objects and techniques. I even went a little "horror" with a few of the pictures which is totally NOT me. I'll post them at just for fun. What I learned this week - I have to use a tripod when working with low light situations, my hands shake too much these days. I also learned that I shake whenever I need to sit still as the subject. Oops! And while I tried objects, horror, waistlines, legs, and shoulders - this hand photo was the best this week had to offer. I also learned that sometimes the original photo is the ideal you want - if it had only been 100% in focus. I tried though! Good challenge week.

(Side note - my Color Street nails are a glitter polish, if I had thought the hand photos through I would have changed to a flat polish for this close up.)


(Below) This is the original hand photo that started my quest to try and duplicate the exact finger position while getting the camera, tripod, lighting right. I never was able to duplicate the finger curve. =(

A couple "horror" pictures. I actually took these in my light box with the black background which meant very strange angles getting my forearm into the box and trying to appear like the hand and knife are coming from above me.

Some trinket shots:

My last photo of frustration on Saturday after not being able to duplicate the hand curve that was blurry. It is October after all so aren't a few scary poses acceptable?

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